Editorial review procedure and editorial ethics

All submitted manuscripts go through the procedure of reviewing. The review procedure consists of two main stages.

At the first stage, the Executive Secretary carries out a primary check of the manuscript for one week for compliance with the journal’s problematics, “Articles Requirements” and the presence of plagiarism. Manuscripts that do not correspond to the problematics of the journal, and in which the level of plagiarism exceeds 20%, are rejected.

At the second stage, the manuscript is sent for independent review to a scientist who carries out research in the relevant specialty.

According to the principle of “double-blind peer review”, the reviewer has no information about the author and vice versa.

The review period is 2-4 weeks.

According to the results of the review, the article may be:

  • recommended for publication in the author's version;
  • recommended for publication after revision. The term of the article's revision should not exceed one month. After revision, the article is sent for re-review;
  • not recommended for publication. In this case, the author has the right to provide the editors with a reasoned response to the review. The decision to re-review the article takes the Editor-in-Chief.

Reviews are stored in the editorial office for three years.