• Stanislav I. Rogachko Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine
Keywords: protection coast constructions, wind wave, drifting ice formations, buna.


The shores of estuaries, bays and large lakes are exposed to the power of wind waves and drifting ice formations. The intensity of their destruction depends on many natural factors. This unfavorable phenomenon is especially dangerous for settlements that historically were founded in close proximity to the water's edge, as well as for monuments of architecture built in ancient times. Such a problem exists in many countries of the world, it is solved by the erection of various types of coast protection structures that must successfully resist the force of the aquatic environment on the coast. Known me-thods of protecting the long coasts of the seas from destruction by storm waves and drifting ice formations by active and passive protection structures seem unreasonably expensive in cases of their use in estuaries, bays, lakes and re-servoirs. The article presents an innovative technical solution to the active protection of such coasts, characterized by simple construction, low cost, maximum efficiency and durability. This method is protected by the patent of Ukraine.


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