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Author Guidelines

The scientific journal TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT accepts for consideration original scientific and review articles across all aspects of transport development.

Submitting a manuscript indicates that it has not been published previously and is not

currently submitted for publication elsewhere, either in its entirety or in part.

  • All submitted articles are reviewed and checked for plagiarism (review procedure).
  • There is no charge for publishing an article.
  • All articles are assigned a digital object identifier DOI.
  • An article in the doc/docx format is sent to the mail: journalonmu@gmail.com

Requirements for the design of the article

  • language: English, Ukrainian
  • volume: 10-20 pages
  • paper format: A4
  • font: Times New Roman, 14
  • line spacing of 1.0
  • margins: 2 cm
  • paragraph indentation: 1.25 cm
  • Justify Alignment

Article structure

In English and Ukrainian:

on the left side of the page:

  1. UDC index

in the center of the page:

  1. Title of the article
  2. Initials and surname of the author
  3. Information about the author: academic degree, position, affiliation, city, country, ORCID, e-mail.
  4. Abstract - at least 1800 characters without spaces. Abstract in English should have structural elements: Introduction, Purpose, Results, Conclusions.
  5. Keywords: 5-10 words.

The required elements of a scientific article:

  • Introduction, where the relevance of the research topic is justified.
  • Problem statement in general form and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks.
  • Analysis of recent research and publications, in which the solution of this problem is initiated and on which the author relies, highlighting previously unsolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted.
  • Formulation of article goals.
  • Description of the main research material with full justification of the obtained scientific results.
  • Conclusions and prospects for further research in this direction.

References should contain at least 10 sources. The titles of the works are placed in the order mentioned in the text.

We strongly recommend that Google Scholar and ResearchGate be used to search for sources and refer to articles by foreign scientists.

References consist of two blocks (regardless of the article language):

  1. Literature. These are sources in the original language, designed in accordance with the national standard of bibliographic description ДСТУ 8302:2015. When available, DOI is indicated.


Шибаєв О.Г., Онищенко С.П., Коскіна Ю.О. Обгрунтування ефективного варіанту технологічних та комерційних умов доставки зовнішньоторговельних вантажів. Розвиток транспорту. 2018. № 1(2). С.  78−88. doi:10.33082/td.2018.1-2.08

  1. References. These are the same sources, but in English, designed in accordance with the international standard of bibliographic description APA.

The names of Ukrainian- and Russian-language sources are translated into English, and in brackets - transliteration.


Shybaiev, O.H., Onyshchenko, S.P., & Koskina, Yu.O. (2018). Rationale of effective option for technological and commercial terms of delivery of international trade cargoes [Obhruntuvannia efektyvnoho variantu tekhnolohichnykh ta komertsiinykh umov dostavky zovnishnotorhovelnykh vantazhiv]. Transport Development, 1 (2), 78-88. doi: 10.33082/td.2018.1-2.08 [in Ukrainian].

Transliteration Sites

References to the literature in the text to submit in square brackets.

Figures and tables

Before the figures and tables in the text must be references to them. The caption of the picture is:

Fig. 1. The name of the picture.

Table font size: 14 pt (12 pt). The title is written above the table: Tab. 1. The name of the table.

Under the figures and tables should be specified source. For example: Source: Own elaboration.


Formulas are typed only in Microsoft Equation 3.0. References to formulas are indicated in parentheses. Only the formulas referenced are numbered.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.